Origination and Distribution
of Structured Investment Products

Luxembourg Tax Efficiency and Security • Product Diversification • Principal Protection • Asset Liquidity

Global Reach

Our products are targeting clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa and we expand our reach every day

Diversity of Service

Our company offers wide variety of products, which are not accessible easily anywhere else

Management Team

Our team has over 60 years of combined financial and investment experience, with over 30 years on Wall Street

About Us

Our company is a Luxembourg based securitization vehicle providing tax efficiency and local oversight

We partner with three Luxembourg banks which provide our products with all aspects of necessary services

We offer flexibility and swift execution, combined with low entry tickets

Structured Products

Our Company offers more than 100 structured products. We strive for diversity of our products as one of our key advantages. In addition to the significant selection, we can tailor our existing products in order to match every client’s very specific needs. Some of the main features are:

  • Low minimum commitment
  • 3.5-5.5% fixed annual return
  • No withholding taxes
  • 12-36 months maturity
  • Early redemption option
  • Products on demand - tailored products for each investors's need
  • Access to most market products on over 110 markets in more than 29 countries
  • Option to use the securitization vehicle for tailored client’s issuances, without exposure to the rest of the portfolio of structured products

Key Investment Considerations

Significant upside opportunities - participation products offer unlimited upside and limited downside

Early profit realization and reinvestment – if markets generate exceptional returns, early exit is possible

Most of our investments are principal protected – low risk of principal loss related to investments in government bonds

Unique variety of investment products – we offer over 100 products, some of them difficult to find anywhere else

Lean cost structure - no hidden or ongoing fees with all of our products

Cash on demand – highly liquid underlying assets

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